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Hey there, I'm Kevin.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

That's me down there, posing awkwardly in an attempt to look presentable for this blog.

And I'm sitting on my confession couch while staring at the raindrops sliding outside my window. A very good day to finally start The Kevin Method. A method in mindset. To lead a life in the most simple way possible.

This simplicity lies mostly within the absence of social media, or minimising its presence in our lives. A new way to live, or actually the old way.

I come to you with a bit of a biased opinion against social media, observing how it affected my family and friends. These also stem from the inability to compare a life with VS a life without social media, due to never having it in the first place.

And so I welcome you to indulge with me on a journey that cultivates my way, the Kevin way, in living a life without comparisons, envy, and resentfulness, but on the contrary, with more simplicity, inspiration and clarity.

This blog aims to give you insights and advice on how to change your life. But, that change will only come if you implement it. This can't be one of those moments you read a quote, get motivated, and intend to start, no. This is a life-long moment. And ever-lasting change.


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